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Hvorfor skal jeg vælge en varmepumpe?

Make use of nature's own resources! Save money while protecting the environment from unnecessary CO2 emissions

The heat pump utilizes the heat in the air, so that nature's own resources are converted into energy and thus provides financial heat for your home.

An investment in a heat pump is an investment with a short payback time, where your heating costs are drastically reduced.


Brief description of the technology behind the heat pump

Heat pumps can be used for heating private homes, cottages and swimming pools.

If you have a cottage, you can, at home from your private residence, remotely control the heat pump so that the temperature in the cottage is always the most optimal and you can make sure, that it is warm and warm when you arrive at the cottage. Just as you can control the temperature of the swimming pool.

We sell a wide range of heat pumps from eg. Daikin, Sanyo and Fujitsu Siemens, all of which are quality products that guarantee efficiency and environmental friendliness.